Mitsubishi PHEV Numbers TVC


Agency: Golley Slater Cardiff
Director: Brett Foraker
Creative Director: Dan Andrew
2D Operations: Elliott Bellwood, Guillaume Weiss, Rory Whittle, Charlie Lougheed
3D Operations: Nicola Gastaldi, Nicola Destefanis, Antonio Filippin
Producer: Lydia Evitt, Krystle Timm
Colourist: Mark Horrobin

My role:
Shot01 – powerstation: light flare and additional render passes for car reflections
Shot02 – countryside with lamppost: ALL ASPECTS (no compositing)
Shot03 – hayball: additional render passes for road texture
Shot05 – pine forest: ALL ASPECTS (no compositing)
Shot09 – city: additional render passes for animated car reflections





I’ve been asked to work on a 3D butterfly for the first shot.
That’s the result of a couple of days of R&D.

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